Bethany Baptist Church
Sunday, November 18, 2018

100 Years Strong - History


In the fall of 1907, during a tabernacle revival meeting on the grounds of the Magnet school, 1/2 mile south of the present church grounds, Bethany Baptist Church was organized.  The charter members were:  Mr. William M. Stewart, Mrs. Nancy J. Stewart, Mr. W.W. Tilton, Mrs. Martha Tilton, Mrs. Carrie Markley, Mr. Henry W. Smith, and Mr. Dick Bradley by letter from Emmanuel.  This was necessary in order that they might have a quorum to organize Bethany.


The church had gained an additional four members by letter and four by baptism, which gave a total of 15 members by the time the letter and petition were sent to the associational meeting held with the Emmanuel Baptist Church, October 2-4, 1907.  The letter sent by the messengers with a petition for admittance was read stating that the church was organized August 25, 1907, and had adopted the Articles of Faith as found in the minutes of Spring River Baptist Association for 1906.
The motion that Bethany be accepted into the association was passed.

 Before Bethany was organized, and after, church services were held in the Magnet school house with other denominations since there was no other place in the community to have meetings.  These members consisted of Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, and United Brethren.  Each denomination had their own pastors which would conduct services 1/4 of the time and most of the people of the different denominations stayed for the preaching of each.  The church services of Bethany continued in the school house until August 1911.

 The construction of our present building, although changed considerably throughout the years, was first begun in 1908 and was first used for church services in September 1911.  The building site of one acre and the oak dimension lumber were donated by William Stewart. 

Some of the changes throughout the years to the building have been:
1959:      New heating system installed
1960/61: New addition on west side of church added
1961:      Belfry and frame over north porch removed
1965:      Church library established
1967:      New carpet for aisles/pulpet area installed
1969:      New porch built on north side of the church
1970:      New water system and restrooms added
1973:      Remodeling of the sanctuary done and new roof
1975:      One acre of land added to property of church
1978:      Fellowship hall added to south end of church
19??:      Remodeling of the fellowship hall
1991:      Total reconstruction of sanctuary w/ baptistry.

2011:      New changing rooms added to Baptistry

               New roof on Church and Schoolhouse